Course Structure

The XR Learning Path is a 2 course bundle, each of which is a 3 month long course. The core objective of the course would be to prepare students for the new and exciting ecosystem of the Immersive Technologies. This would include exposing them to the media, the hardware and software and imparting them with transdisciplinary skills like Technical art, Design and Programming.

The Students will learn how to create a simple interactive game, an engaging Augmented Reality application and understand the underlying concepts of Virtual reality and showcase an demonstrative capability to handle any real time application.

Learning Journey

The learning path begins right from the ground up. It will help you to be an industry ready XR Engineer, irrespective of their experience in Design or Coding. During the duration of the course, you will go through multiple stages right from ground zero to advanced stages. You will be learning XR, using one of the world's leading Game Engines - Unity 3D - during the entirety of the course.

Let's take a look into where the course will take you to!

Level 1: Gaming

  1. Dive into the world of Game creation using Unity 3D and learn to design levels.
  2. Code helps to add behaviors and interactions to the Game. Dig into C# and start writing scripts.
  3. Add mechanics and functionalities to the Game by learning about C# Gameplay scripting in Unity 3D.

Level 2: XR

  1. Understand and implement Real Time Rendering using Unity 3D.
  2. Design and Build Realtime Virtual Reality applications for Standalone VR Headsets.
  3. Design and Build Handheld Augmented Reality applications.

Detailed Course Curriculum

Game Development Foundation

L1 - 3 months

  1. Introduction to unity
    • Prepare students to Understand Game engine as tool for development
    • Explore Real Time Development Process
    • Understand the fundamentals of Game Engine
  2. Introduction to C#
    • Understand problem solving and define solutions
    • Develop C# code for Problem solving
    • Examine working with Windows Programming
  3. Introduction to Unity Gameplay Programming
    • Understand basic gameplay and game mechanics
    • Learn Design patterns for Games Programming
    • Build and execute game sub systems like UI, Score Systems, etc

Introduction to XR Development

L2 - 3 Months

  1. Introduction to Realtime Technologies
    • Understand Realtime technologies and its application
    • Observe and define solutions stacks
    • Introduction to Real Time Rendering
  2. Introduction to XR application Development
    • Understand and design Virtual Reality app ideas
    • Understand and design Augmented Reality app ideas
    • Understand and design WebGL and Web XR app ideas
  3. Foundations of AR Development
    • Identify various AR construct techniques using Vuforia
    • Design and build an Handheld AR application

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